Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tool #9

1. It is very important to tie the technology to the objective so that learning is relevant.  We want our students to be learning all that is required and do it in a fun and exciting way.
2. We should hold the student accountable so that we know they have learned and practiced the objective.  It will reinforce concepts that we have taught in new ways. These sights offer a great way for us to differentiate instruction too.  I am even able to print out some the work they have completed.
3. I have added three sights to my symbaloo account so that my students can access these easily.Learning Games for Kids was very friendly for Kindergartners. I then added Tes iboard which is had really good sights for the activboard. For problem solving activities, Thinkfinity was great! My plan is to have my kids write in their journals about the sights they have visited and tell me things that they learned.  For those who have trouble getting their thoughts on paper, they can share orally with the class at community circle.
4.I currently have one iPod touch, but will be getting others soon.  The apps that I have found for the iPod touch are I Can Read Lite and ABC Pocket Phonics Lite. Both are easy to use and interactive. My current plan is for the students to take turns with the itouch and help each other.  Learning to work together is essential. I may set a checklist with their names for them to check off each sight they have visited. This will hold them accountable and give a record of what they have done.
5.Our new iPad will have a camera!  I am anxious to take pictures of them and their work to document their learning.  I think it would be fun to create their own books using pictures of things they have done in the classroom and then writing about them. I also would like them to have access to Discovery Ed and so they can view video clips of concepts we are learning.  By using the new iPad, it will give them a new way to use technology.

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