Friday, January 20, 2012

Tool #8

We will be receiving netbooks and an ipad soon. We currently have an itouch that my students are presently using.  I don't think I have the current version of itunes. I watched the video, but was unable locate Kace through the ticket manager.  I checked library resources and educational technology but did not have any luck.  :(
I have learned that the ipad needs to be synced to our laptop.  Both the ipad and the itouch can be synced by using my itunes account. Our tech coach informed us that there is an app that we can put on our ipad that will control our Activboard!  Wow! That is great! Netbooks seem like they will be more kid friendly than an a laptop.It seems like they are lighter weight and easier to move around the classroom.We will be getting a cart to store and charge these devices.  Ugh!  The challenge of finding the room for the cart!! My job will be to train my kiddos with  the procedure for recharging and placing the devices in the cart. Once we have the system down, I know they will do great.


  1. Sandy, don't worry about finding room for your can store things on top of it!!! The children have a built-in second-nature button for knowing just how to manage the iTouches and iPads...your "problem" may be their constant begging to use them!

  2. In my experience the easiest way to update iTunes is to go directly to the iTunes website: Once that is update you need to sync and update your iTouch. I can help if you want, just let me know. Remember also that if you want to get rid of your old computers we can, and then you would have room for the cart...up to you!