Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tool #10

Three things that I want my students to understand about being a good digital citizen are very similar to what I expect from them in my classroom. I want them to remember to be safe and always treat others with kindness. If they feel unsafe or something  they see makes them feel uncomfortable-come to me or another teacher. Since my students are so young, I will limit their access to sights they can visit, but you never know what they can come across when they are on the internet.
I thought CyberSmart Young Kids was an excellent resource.  "How to be Cyber Smart" was simple and age appropriate. THINK was basic enough for my students to understand how to be safe on our devices. I also love BrainPop Jr and their video on internet safety.  We use Brainpop Jr. for many of our lessons and Moby and Annie are familiar characters that can help them learn about internet safety!
I will teach my students about digital citizenship by using the two sights I previously shared. Trying to help them understand that be safe from strangers on the computer is just as important as being safe in their community. Also, knowing that they can always come to me or another teacher if they see something that makes them feel unsafe or uncomfortable.
Parent night is a great time at the beginning of the school year to share my goals for teaching digital citizenship to parents.  I can also share the two sights that I will be showing their children, so they can see exactly what the kids will be taught. I will so ask them to talk with their own child about safety on the internet and hopefully we can provide the safest situation for their child at home and at school.

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