Friday, January 20, 2012

Post #7

To begin this tool I collaborated with our Pre-K teacher who was also studying bears.  We used Google Docs to begin the process of teaching our classes about communicating with one another.  Since we are both studying bears, Mrs. Skinner's class sent us a Google Doc about some interesting facts and information they had learned. They walked over to our classroom and saw their document on our Activboard!  So concrete for little ones!!!  We then replied to them about things we had viewed on YouTube and other interesting bear facts.  Our class then walked to their room and saw our response on their Activboard! One of my kids noticed that I  had a typo in our comment so when we got to  Mrs. Skinner's room, she  was able to correct right in front of our kids. We have also written a note to our 4th grade book buddies to get some "big kid" info on bears.  Through this tool I am trying to help my kids understand how information can be shared from classroom to classroom, grade level to grade level and even with other schools in the district.  We are hoping to hear from another Kinder teacher at Valley Oaks and a Middle School English teacher at MMS.  I think this was a great first step to help them understand the big world out there!

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