Friday, January 13, 2012

Post #5

As a class we generated a list of Winter vocabulary words.  The students were then asked to type these words in the Wordle program.  The class was successful in their product and each child has a fun and informative list of winter words that they were able to customize to their own personality.They love being able to change the font, color, and style of their word list. We love Wordle!!! I am attaching a photo of one student's Winter Wordle.
Next I signed up for Storybird.  It was not a hit with me.  Maybe I need to look into it more, but for now I wasn't thrilled with it for Kindergarteners. What I did find that I love is Read,Write, Think!  My class is using the Puzzle Me Word game.  It has beginner and advanced levels for differentiating instruction.  The students build three letter words with puzzle pieces to make a word that is pictured.  They have either a select number of letters to choose from (beginner) or the entire alphabet to choose from(advanced) in order to make the pictured word.They are able to create and print a product.  It is an interactive sight that they love to use on the Activboard! Both of these programs offer interactive ways for my class to build vocabulary and improve their reading skills. It's a Win Win.  Check them out!


  1. Would love to see a Kinder Wordle! Everyone does love some level of choice, don't they! You might want to look at ABCya as it is more primary in nature.

    Maybe Storybird might be a great whole class activity in Kinder? Seems like students would like writing a story using the images. Do you have a projector or activboard?

    Yes, the interactives on ReadWriteThink are fun! Glad you have found some tools that work for you and your students!

  2. Hey Sandy! Your work on the 11 Tools is awesome! I'm on Tool 2 and picked your blog to comment on. I hope to use a wordle in a vocabulary exercise which I can put on the wall. Kindergarten kids are always producing work which is great for the wall, but we don't do enough of that in high school. I'm looking for a way to get the fun and creativity out of wordle, but make it more challenging for the high school student. We have a big need with vocabulary, but simply writing the words isn't enough. I'm thinkin', thinkin'..

  3. Sandy,
    I loved reading your blog about how you used Wordle with the winter words! What a fun way to teach vocabulary - I can think of ways to use this with my speech students to help with categorizing, synonyms, antonyms....endless possibilities!