Sunday, January 29, 2012

Post #11

1.The tool that I found most effective throughout this process is Symbaloo.  It is a great management tool that helps me organize the wonderful apps I have found through various sights.  My kids are easily able to get to the sights because of this fabulous organizational tool. GoogleDocs was also a great tool!  My class loved communicating with our Pre-K class and 4th grade book buddies. I definitely plan on using this again.  It was so exciting for them to interact with the other classrooms on concepts we were learning.
2.Learning so many new tools has opened my eyes to the many great things that are out there.  I think my class will   use technology much more that in my previous years of teaching.We will not only have new devices in our room, but I am much more aware of the things that I can use to help them.
3.Unexpected outcomes? I guess I would have to say that I was surprised at how many great sights were available for young children.  I really thought that I would not be able to use any of this in my Kindergarten classroom and I was pleasantly surprised.


  1. Congratulations! 11Tools completed and you have whole new arsenal of resources!

  2. Symbaloo is a fabulous tool. It was only recently that I saw the value for the little ones. Do you organize all of your Web tools on the start page so your students can access a variety of sites from the one page? Would you be willing to share your Symbaloo page with me? We are presenting at TCEA next week and I would love to share it!